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How to Temporarily SoftMod jtag xbox 360 using XeXMenu2.0 USB Commander Bootloader and a 1gb Flashdrive.

XeXMenu2.0 USB Commander Bootloader Will Allow You To Do The Following:

1. Install Custom Mod Menus

2. Utilise online and offline game exploits aswell as customised game lobby capabilities.

3. Play Backup game copies when boot from the Bootloader menu.

4. loaded with Ready to Run Game Hacks including over 204 games which can be executed directly from your preinstalled mod menu which is included in XeXMenu2.0 Commander Bootloader.

5. Call of duty titles including Modern Warfare 2/Black ops/Black ops 2/Modern warfare 3/Ghosts/Advanced Warfare and all Grand Theft Auto Titles are optimised for the Bootloader.

6. XeXMenu2.0 Commander Bootloader is 100% completely safe to Install on your Xbox 360 as this is only a temporary softmod which  is Ghost Patched and will need to be reinstalled every time you shut down your console.

7. This is only a TEMPORARY USB SOFTMOD and requires no soldering or case breaks thus maintaining your warranty.

9. XeXMenu2.0 Commander Bootloader is fully Ghost Patched and is undetectable, however abusing online game exploits will result in negative feedback on your xbox 360 account reputation from other players 

(Try to keep a low profile whilst in game and don't draw attention to yourself)

Tools Needed

Jtag Xbox 360 requirements.

1. A USB Flashdrive/Memory stick with a minimum of 1gb.

2. Xbox 360 console.

3. Laptop/pc for data transferring the USB Commander Bootloader to your flashdrive.

4. WinZip/WinRAR or alternative' to extract the Bootloader which is in Zip Format.

5. A copy of XeXMenu2.0 USB Commander Bootloader below.


XeXMenu2.0 USB Commander Bootloader

NOTE: If you are having problems with the Bootloader Installer stopping at 92% Remove flashdrive and reinsert after 5 seconds then hit the continue prompt and installation will complete.

Installation Instructions

  jtag xbox 360 installation instructions

1. Insert 1gb USB Flashdrive/Memory Stick into Laptop/Pc.

2. Navigate to your Flashdrive/Memory Stick right click and format.

3. Locate XeXMenu2.0 USB Commander Bootloader2.0 Zip File download location 

4. Extract ONLY the files inside the zip folder directly to your Flashdrive/Memory Stick.

5. Insert Flashdrive/Memory Stick into your Xbox 360 console.

6. Navigate to your Flashdrive/Memory Stick via Xbox 360 dashboard.

7. Launch XEXMENU2.0CB.XBX Installer By Pressing A on your Xbox 360 Controller.

8. Installation takes between 3 to 6 minutes to install.

 9. Install Ghost Flash when prompted.

10. Installation will begin after 15 seconds.

12. XeXMenu2.0 Commander Bootloader is now temporarily installed on your Jtag Xbox 360 (: 
13. Get familiar with the controls and shortcuts and navigation menus.
Use in moderation to reduce negative feedback on your xbox 360 Account.

15. Jtag Xbox 360 full color instructions provided with The Bootloader in a separate folder.

NOTE: Only a USB Flashdrive/Memory Stick is required for our XeXMenu2.0 Commander Bootloader to work and a RGH/JTAGGED jtag Xbox 360 is not needed.